Startup Law

Startup Law

Starting a new business has its challenges. “What will I call your enterprise?” “Will my business idea drive innovation?” “Do I need a startup business attorneybefore taking my first steps?” Well, you’ll have to answer the first two questions for yourself, but as The LaunchUp Lawyer, I’ll handle number three with a resounding yes, you need a startup lawyerto help you create your business and ensure that you’re meeting your legal requirements as it grows.

The best way to protect yourself and your budding business is to hire a startuplaw firmas soon as you’ve made the decision to incorporate your corporation or form your limited liability company (LLC). That way, your entrepreneur lawyercan guide you through the business formation and startup planning phases.

When you start a new business, there are many issues you need to consider. With an experienced startup business lawyeron your side, like The LaunchUp Lawyer, you can meet any challenge and bring your company to life.


Business Formation

When it comes to business formations, The LaunchUp Lawyer can guide you through the process. From deciding how to incorporate your corporation or form your limited liability company (LLC) to establishing your bylaws or operating agreement, I can help you with every step as your business formation attorney so that you can create the right structure for your entrepreneurial endeavor.


Startup Planning

As you launch your business, you need a plan for what you want to accomplish. Whether you need advice on employment and consultant agreements, equity compensation plans, or seed and venture capital financing agreements, as your startup attorney, I’ll help you put a plan in place and make sure you comply with all of the legal requirements that apply to your business and industry.

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