Corporate Law

Corporate Law

As you form your business entity, you’ll probably come across questions about the way you handle business transactions and corporate governance. There are many multifaceted legal and business issues you’re going to face, and this can be both confusing and overwhelming if you don’t have experience dealing with the legal side of owning a legal entity. An experiencedlaw firm for startupswill have the answers you need, and lucky for you, you have me, Phil Magri, The LaunchUp Lawyer, on your side.

As your business grows, you’ll need to deal with mergers, acquisitions, stock splits, spinoffs, establishing a board of directors or managers and getting and dealing with investors. As a startup lawyer, I’ve spent more than 20 years assisting my clients with their businesses, and I’m here to help you too.


Business Transactions

Don’t know how to handle complex business transactions like mergers, acquisitions, and more? Don’t worry! As your business transaction attorney, I’ll show you what you need to know so you can face any challenge head-on. Find out how today.


Corporate Governance

Building your business entity’s guiding principles is complicated enough, but when you add a board of directors, founders, employees and stockholders, and various filings into the mix, it can become overwhelming. Never fear! Discover how you can create a solid corporate governance system and get all of your documents in order with help from The LaunchUp Lawyer.

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