Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Building Your Corporation From The Inside Out

When you’re establishing your startup, creating a system of corporate governance might not be on your immediate To-Do list, but it should be. A seasoned startup business attorneycan assist you as you set up the system by which your company will be directed and controlled, including a Code of Ethics and Conduct, Employee Manuals and Handbooks or other policies. This will help you reach your goals and shows that you’re thinking long-term about your business. And by establishing the frameworks from the get-go, it will be easier for your board of directors to enforce the three pillars of corporate governance – transparency, accountability, and security.

Board and Stockholder Resolutions – Decisions, Decisions

Your Board of Directors and Stockholders are responsible for making a lot of big decisions for your company, like adding new board members, hiring employees, selling shares of the company, and more. All of these interactions need to be recorded, and that’s where board and stockholder resolutions come in. These internal documents show exactly what action was taken so that everyone is clear on the current state of the company.

 Secretary of State Filings – Keeping The Government Happy
As a business, certain documents need to be filed with the state when you form your business entity and periodically after that. These documents vary depending on where your business is formed and located, but if you don’t file correctly and on time, you can face serious legal fines and penalties. Nobody wants that. But when you work with The LaunchUp Lawyer as your entrepreneur lawyer, you can trust that the right documents will be filed at the right time. That way, your state government will have everything it needs, and you can continue to focus on growing your startup.